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We are a band based out of Southern California, nestled in the Inland Empire. We began in 2015, and a few twists and turns later we find ourselves writing, producing and performing our brand of music for the young and young at heart alike. We love the stage and there is nothing better than a great set; seeing the enjoyment we bring to those in the audience and the excitement it creates fuels us.

Our style has been described as high energy alternative rock with a dash of punk.

We perform throughout Southern California on small and large stages at clubs, bars, special events, community events, festivals and most recently at Warped Tour 2018.

Our Ep The Self Titled One is out on all platforms. 

Check out our performance schedule as we would love to see you at our shows!


Winner of Battle of the Bands for Vans Warped Tour 2018

After hearing  2018 was going to be the last year for The Vans Warped Tour, Thursdays in Suburbia decided to give it a shot. They entered the Battle of the Bands for Vans Warped Tour 2018.  Over 800 bands applied, a little over 200 bands battled and 9 bands made it to the finals. It was a very tough competition but Thursdays in Suburbia took home the price! On June 21st they performed at the Vans Warped Tour in Pomona. An experience they will never forget.

About Us


Reece Borski

Reece began playing the guitar at age 10. But it wasn’t until he picked up the bass guitar 4 years later, that magic started happening. Today, Reece pours his heart and soul into playing bass guitar. His bass comes to life with a funkadelic style that is strongly influenced by Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nick Villarreal of Sons of Texas. He packs a potent blend of style and skill with his rich tones, giving Thursdays in Suburbia its authentic style.


Serena Tario

Serena’s passion for music and singing began when she was only 3 years old. Her song writing began early on, incorporating her life experience to bring a genuine feel to her lyrics. Serena’s alluring vocal style is influenced by Lana Del Rey, Mazzy Star and Billie Eilish. Serena is high energy and the centerpiece of the group. She loves to connect with her audience and brings musical talent, eloquence, and a flair for the dramatic to the stage.


Liam Eastwood

Liam’s love for music started with the guitar which he picked up at age 7. In just a few years, the electric guitar became an artistic extension of himself which he wields with finesse. These days, Liam not only plays like a boss, but he also writes music and experiments with different styles of expression. Together with his band, Liam translates lyrics into musical compositions that define Thursdays in Suburbia’s unique brand of self expression. Liam is endorsed by EARTHQUAKER DEVICE and VOODOO LAB.


Johnny Shankel

Johnny’s passion for drumming began in the kitchen, beating pots and pans with wooden spoons as a toddler. But it wasn’t until middle school that he decided to take up drums. Johnny is the newest member of the band and brings a sophisticated musical toolkit that includes playing electric and bass guitars. But his true passion is powered by his first love, drums. Heavily influenced by Travis Barker, Johnny likes to play hard and enjoys pushing the boundaries of rock music.

Thursdays in Suburbia

Thursdays in Suburbia - Underworld

Check out our music video for Underworld. 

Last Chance - Thursdays in Suburbia (Official Music Video)

Our first music video for our song Last Chance. Make sure to follow on Youtube for any upcoming videos. 

Titan Radio Live! Featuring Thursdays in Suburbia

Watch the latest episode of Titan Radio Live! featuring Thursdays in Suburbia, hosted by Sharon Cardona. 

Thursdays in Suburbia Interview at Vans Warped Tour 2018 / L

Thursdays in Suburbia Interview at Vans Warped Tour 2018 / Liberate Justice Ent.

We had an excellent time at the Vans Warped Tour in Pomona. One of our highlights was being able to meet and talk with Thursdays in Suburbia. This band was beyond talented in many ways, from their overall musicianship skills to the way they conduct themselves as a whole, I was honestly impressed. Stay tuned for some live footage coming up soon as well as some beautifully documented photos of their musical adventure a


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Against Us

Our latest Original. 

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